Features and benefits of Solar Orbital System's GTAW orbital welding Dragon weld head: Orbital welding, narrow groove welding, heavy wall welding, automatic welding on pipe wall thicknesses of 6 inches, flat and curved surface welding straight and flexible track welding exotic materials, liquid-cooled torch, narrow groove torch, AVC (Arc Voltage Control), a telescoping AVC/Torch, torch oscillation, electric torch center steering, ability to weld in forward & reverse directions, 6 inches of AVC stroke, high-speed wire feed, hot wire kit, ID Skate, an oscillator interchange kit, welding video capability, 1 Inch welding oscillation, wire feed from either side of torch, available in hot wire version, available with standard TIG, hot wire TIG or narrow groove TIG Torch.


  • 500 Amp Liquid Cooled Torch
  • AVC (Arc Voltage Control)
  • Torch Oscillation
  • Welds clockwise & counterclockwise
  • Front end mechanical extensions
  • Dovetail slide adds additional AVC adjustment


Current Rating: 500 Amps @ 100% Duty Cycle

  • Maximum Travel Speed: 20 IPM
  • Maximum Wire Speed: 200 IPM
  • Adjustable Oscillation Width: up to 1 Inch
  • OD Pipe sizes: 2" and up
  • ID welding capable
  • Flat & curved surface welding
  • Wire feeds from either side of the torch (dual wire feed capable)
  • Pipe wall thickness 0.125" - 6" (w/appropriate accessories)
  • Available with standard 500 Amp TIG or optional narrow groove TIG Torch (Use with 4" or 8" wire spool)


  • Extension Cables: 50 ft (up to 3 extensions can be used depending on application)
  • Low Profile AVC attachments
  • Narrow groove torch
  • ID Skate w/adaptor kit
  • Oscillator interchange kit
  • Video kits
  • J-Box interface converters
  • Special Gas Cup


  • Weight with cables: 55 lbs
  • Weldhead cable length: 35'
  • Filler wire size range: 0.030" - 0.045"
  • AVC stroke (electrical): 6"
  • AVC stroke (mechanical): Add additional stroke with 6" Dove Tail
  • OSC cross stroke (electrical): 1.8"
  • OSC stroke (mechanical): 6"